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Dance House Productions Ballet Dance ClassBALLET

Description:  This is a mixed level class, and therefore will cover Ballet fundamentals including the five basic positions, body alignment, and relevant vocabulary.  Students will advance within their own ability levels through intermediate barre exercises, center-work and progressions- which will include jumps, leaps and turns.

Dress Code Requirements:  Dancers must wear a leotard (any style) with pink tights.  Pink Ballet slippers must be worn on the feet.  Hair must be worn in a bun.  Ballet skirts, legwarmers and tight fitting sweatshirts are optional. 

For more information about where required footwear and apparel can be purchased, please click on the link below:

Finer Pointes Dance Studio


For more information about the Ballet Teacher, please follow the link below:

Instructor:  Kaleigh Natale