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Class Description:  Lyrical is a style of Jazz Dance that features combinations of movement that emphasize the lyrical or melodic aspects of a song as opposed to percussive rhythms.  This change in musical focus results in movement that has a smooth, flowing quality.  This style of movement is often used to tell a story with strong emotional content.


Dress Code Requirements:  Students are asked to wear comfortable, non-restrictive exercise clothes (e.g.: t-shirts, tank tops, leotards and sweats).  Dance Paws are required to be worn on the feet for the recital at the end of the year-in the meantime, students have the option to wear socks to class.

For more information about where required footwear and apparel can be purchased, please click on the link below:

Finer Pointes Dance Shop

To view more information about the instructor, please follow the link below:

Instructor:  Nicole Paquet