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Class Description:  This class is for the advanced Ballet student.  To ensure each student's safety, the first class will consist of an evaluation which will enable the instructor to determine if each individual has the necessary training to dance En Pointe without the risk of injury or deformation.  A student will need to exhibit the technical skill necessary to align her muscles and bones perfectly over the toes of her support leg (an area approximately one square inch in size).

Prospective Pointe Dancers will not be turned away from the class if the instructor judges that they are not yet able to dance En Pointe.  Rather, students will be presented with the option to remain in class where they will be guided through the training that is requisite in order to safely achieve Pointe.

Dress Code Requirements:  In addition to Pointe Shoes, dancers must wear a leotard (any style) with pink tights.  Hair is to be worn in a bun.  Ballet skirts, legwarmers and tight fitting sweatshirts are optional.

For more information about where required footwear and apparel can be purchased, please click the link below:

Finer Pointes Dance Shop

For more information about the instructor, please follow the link below:

Instructor:  Kaleigh Natale