Dance House Productions

Making Better Dancers

Student Handbook


students: please practice respect.

respect for teachers and classmates:   During class, we ask that students not socialize in a disruptive manner.  Please come early or stay late to enjoy the company of friends in the waiting area.  Please honor your teacher and fellow students by giving your full attention and cooperation during class.  This means:

Respect for Parents, Dance House Staff and anyone else in the studio: We want everyone that comes to Dance House Productions to have a positive experience.  To make this happen, we expect the following of students:

Respect for Neighboring Businesses:  Dance House is surrounded by a variety of businesses that we share the Mill Building with.  In order to not be disruptive to them-

Respect for other Dance Studios:  So that we can all focus on being the best dancers and human beings possible-

For Parents of Very Young Children:  We make every effort to have all children feel safe and cared for in a loving and inspiring learning environment.  Therefore, we ask that parents do not leave the waiting room when your children are in class-unless first informing the office and making arrangements to have another parent responsible for your child during your absence.

Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior: 

First Occurrence:  We will make you aware that your behavior is inappropriate, briefly explain why, and suggest an acceptable alternative.

Second Occurrence:  We will remind you that your behavior is inappropriate, briefly explain why, and suggest an acceptable alternative.  You will also be warned that if you choose to not self correct your behavior, there will be direct and immediate consequences, which will ALWAYs include calling your parents or legal guardian and informing them of the situation.

Third Occurrence:  At this point, depending upon the circumstances, you may be asked to sit outside of the classroom and wait quietly until class is finished.  After class your instructor may ask to speak with you.  Your parent or legal guardian will be contacted and informed of the situation.