Dance House Productions

Making Better Dancers

2015 Summer Class Schedule

July 20th - August 28th

To download the 2015 summer schedule, please click on the links below:

Class Schedule (.doc)

Class Schedule (.pdf)

3:00-4:30 Ballet (High School/College) Kaleigh
4:30-5:30 Modern (High School/College) Kaleigh
5:30-6:30 Ballet (2nd-4th Grade) Kaleigh
6:30-7:30 Hip Hop (5th-8th Grade) Nicki
7:30-8:30 Lyrical (5th-8th Grade) Nicki
12:00-12:30 Emma Solo Kaleigh
12:30-2:00 Ballet (5th-8th Grade) Kaleigh
2:00-3:00 Modern (5th-8th Grade) Kaleigh
3:00-4:30 Stretch and Technique Kaleigh
4:30-5:30 Hip Hop (High School/College) Nicki
5:30-6:30 Lyrical (High School/College) Nicki
6:30-7:30 Jazz (2nd -4th Grade) Nicki
7:30-8:00 Private Lesson (Danica Hebert) Nicki
8:00-9:00 Jazz (Adult) Nicki
10:00-10:45 Ballet/Tap (3-4 Year Old) Nicki
10:45-11:15 Hip Hop (3-5 Year Old) Nicki
11:15-12:00 Ballet/Tap (5-6 Year Olds) Nicki
12:00-12:45 Jazz/Hip Hop (5-6 Year Olds) Nicki
1:00-2:00 Junior Hip Hop Team(Instructor's Permission) Nicki
2:00-2:30 Private Lesson (Grace) Nicki
2:30-3:30 Break Dancing (2nd-5th Grade) Jim
3:30-5:00 Break Dancing (High School/College) Jim
5:00-6:00 Break Dancing II/Power (Instructor's Permission) Jim
6:00-7:30 Break Dancing (Middle School) Jim
12:00-12:45 Tap (2nd-4th Grade) Nicki
12:45-1:30 Tap (5th-8th Grade) Nicki
2:15-3:15 Jazz (High School/College) Nicki
3:00-4:00 Jazz (5th-8th Grade) Nicki
4:00-5:00 Hip Hop (2nd-4th Grade) Nicki